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Looking for an SEO expert in Omaha? Someone, who will take your business to top positions of Google? With affordable budget and least amount of time?

Before I can say “I am THE ONE” kindly look at what I have achieved.

The above chart you are seeing is of a keyword in weight loss niche. A 3 word phrase with high competition. I started working on it from June 2016. And as you can see it reached #4 in December 2016.

However, the steady rank is to be noted. Other SEO experts in Omaha will show huge ups and downs, a sign of poor link building habit.



Above chart is a competitive keyword also in weight loss niche. Its a 2 word phrase. And you must know how difficult it is to rank a 2 word phrase. Started working from #80 in July 2016 and its now at #6 on December 2016.



This is what I am really proud of. Its a 3 word weight loss supplement keyword. I have been maintaining the top 3 position for more than two years. And its a perfect example of how I will maintain your rankings once it reaches top 3.



With the client’s permission I have attached the above screenshot. When I started working on the keyword it was around #30 and now after just two months it is on position #11.


Some Other Examples of Client’s Ranking





From the above charts you can see my expertise in SEO. I will not only rank your site but will maintain the top positions.

So Who is Behind Omaha SEO Expert Service?

My name is Richie Richardson. I started doing SEO from 2009. No Sir, I didn’t provide SEO service without prior experience as others. I created my own sites and ranked them.

Just ask your so called “SEO experts” for a list of sites they have ranked in the past. 90% of them won’t have any. They are just beginners in the world of SEO. They are providing SEO expert service as it is the easiest one to start. No upfront money required except false promises.

I was an affiliate marketer for the past 4 years. I would build sites in competitive niches. Rank them in 6 months or a year and bank.

But lately I realized that I have too much time at hand. Currently, I have 5 of my own sites churning money for me. And all of them are in top 10 and hence require less effort from my side.

And so I decided to provide my service as an SEO consultant.

Unfortunately, I do not accept all those who apply.

  • I work with a minimum budget of $500. I am sorry I cannot negotiate on this. The work I provide is excellent and my time is precious. The budget will increase depending on your niche’s competitiveness.
  • No Adult, Gambling or Malware Sites
  • You must understand SEO is a slow game. It takes minimum 6 months to see profound results.
  • I do not accept penalized sites.
  • I do not work on sites that has been spammed by low quality backlinks.
  • Finally, you must be a genuine business focussing globally or locally.


How Omaha SEO Expert Service Works?

Once, we have decided to work with each other, here’s how I will work:

  • In the coming weeks, focus will be on your site. Depending on the keyword(s) you wish to rank for, necessary changes will be done. If possible new page will be created.
  • After that we will create social profiles on top Social Networks. If you have them already, then it will be rejuvenated. A real business must have active social presence and so will we.
  • Simultaneously, we will get backlinks from sites that are exactly in your niche. There won’t be several backlinks but few backlinks. Our focus is on high quality backlinks only.
  • Finally, we will be doing some tweaks to get you on 1st page.
  • Once, you are on the first page (will take around 6 months) the focus will be to hit top 5.
  • After that, we will ensure top 3 position that sticks around.

I have laid down our plan in simple terms. It doesn’t necessarily has to be in the same order as above. I will change it as I see fit. Remember, there is no perfect science in SEO.


How to Apply for Omaha SEO Expert Service?

Please fill in the below form and I will get back within 24 hours.

leave blank to let us choose best keywords for your business.

You can also reach me on Skype @ richie.richardson46. Don’t forget to mention in the request that you are looking for SEO service.

Time I am available:

7:30 pm – 11:30 pm EST

7:30 am – 11:30 am EST

Please note: I accept Payments through PayPal only.

Happy Rankings!