Hi, my name is Richie Richardson. I started building sites and ranking them from early 2009. Most of the sites I rank are in the weight loss niche.

Now a days I don’t build much sites as I used to. Primarily because SEO is a slow game. Its no longer easy to rank sites like in the past.

Therefore, I build a maximum of 4 sites per year.

This has led me with a lot of time at hand. I hardly work 2 hours per day on all of my sites. Hence, here I am providing my service as an SEO expert.

I don’t claim to be the ‘I know all type’. But you must consider the fact that I have several years of experience in ranking sites.

Most SEO experts out there are complete beginners. They purchase a course which teaches how to do SEO and wham! they are SEO consultants.

To be frank I am a member of a SEO group full of people who start as SEO consultants. In fact the admins themselves urge beginners to start as SEO consultants. Probably because it is easy and doesn’t require up front money.

But I don’t belong to that category.

I might not be famous SEO consultant out there but I do know how to rank sites. And I believe that is what matters.

Therefore, if you would like to work with me please contact on Skype: richie.richardson46

Happy Rankings!

Richie Richardson